St. Vincent's University Hospital

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St Vincent's University Hospital is the national adult referral center for cystic fibrosis patients in Ireland. However, it is accepted and recognized that the quality of the current bed capacity at the hospital does not meet the guidelines for Irish healthcare. Thus, the new ward block development will make a major contribution to improving patient care. It will accommodate patients whose medical requirements necessitate single en suite facilities and will reflect best practice in terms of infection control. The project comprises the design, build and financing of a new 7 story ward block over basement of 10,600 sq. meters on the St. Vincent's Healthcare Campus in Dublin, Ireland. This new ward block will replace the inadequate existing Cystic Fibrosis accommodation and provide 100 single en suite inpatient rooms to accommodate Cystic Fibrosis, Liver disease, Oncology and other specialties. It will also provide CF patients with ancillary support accommodation, including a 10-bed day treatment unit with en-suite sanitary facilities which are an essential part of approach to CF treatment to prevent cross infection. The construction work includes the procurement, coordination, installation, commissioning and validation of all medical F.F&E. Work commenced in November 2010 and completion is planned for April 2012. The value of the project is €22 million.
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